This is overdue. Some weeks ago I went to the Philippines. It was incredible, if not rather familiar. Perhaps all these hot, postcolonial, poor countries are alike. And Manila, like Kingston, is a city that has grown around a large and over-polluted natural harbour. In other words, Manila even smells like Kingston. On my first day as well, walking on the streets, I looked up and there was the picture of Father Richard Ho Lung on a billboard . He was getting some award for his good works. So Jamaica was on my mind. And then when I  left the city for the beach, Jamaica remained on my mind. I stayed at a wonderful Bee Farm but it was exactly like my favourite goat farm in Treasure Beach, Jamaica. Up to the mongrel dogs and the chickens and the goats seemed familiar – the listless way they lay in the sun. It occurred to me that if I took some pictures of the place, it would at times be difficult for Jamaicans to tell the difference between the two places. I was looking for shots which were, in a way, banal – everyday. Here are some.

(Banana Tree)

(Mongrel Dawg & Fowl)

(What more banal than a clothes line?)

(Notice the blue-tank at the side, in case of water lock off! This seriously could be Jamaica)

(The front of the same house)

(Coconut tree with an impossibly blue sky behind – the kind of sky which only becomes banal if you live on a tropical island, but is incredible to everyone else)

(Close-up of coconuts)

(Banana Trees)

(Goat. Coulda defen some mannish water still!)

(Random dusty country road, stretching out into the distance)

(Tropical sunrise)

(post-card beach)

(random coconut on beach)

2 thoughts on “These Similar Islands – Jamaica & The Philippines (a photoblog)

  1. like you said. looks just like yaad, down to di mongrel dawg and camman fowl. it’s the essence of jamaica in a foreign country. (internal monologue: ah wonda if di politician dem lie an teef same way?)

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