photograph by Marlon James

photograph by Marlon James

The most honest thing to say is that I’m a writer – but what kind of writer is more difficult. Poet? Novelist? Essayist? To date I’ve written 9 books and they range across all these genres – collections of shorts stories; collections of poems; novels; collections of essays. I’ve been short-listed or won some pretty major awards for these books. I’m also an academic of sorts. My PhD is in English Literature, and I now direct the Centre for Research in Creative Writing at the University of London, Royal Holloway. I lecture there as well. Like all blogs, this one is a kind of self-indulgence. It’s where I test out ideas that might later develop into larger essays. They are often polemic – and often angry about social injustice, especially those surrounding issues of race and gender – I’m sorry about that. But I hope they’re always honest, and even in this draft-stage, that these are things you might enjoy reading.

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  1. Kei, I’m very much enjoying The Cartographer Tries to Map a Way to Zion. So far, the cartographer is the writer (in me), and the Rastafarian is the voice for all that won’t quite collect into language. Thanks for the dialogue. Wonderful! Nancy Anne Miller

  2. I was given “A Light Song of Light” for Christmas, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. I brought ‘This Zinc Roof’ (one of my favorites) to share with my poetry group coincidentally the same day another member brought ‘My Mother’s Atlas of Dolls’–both very beautiful. I’m hopng to read “The Cartographer …” soon. Just discovered your blog via FB.

  3. You haven’t posted since July. Are you on vacation? I know I’m being demanding, and acting like you owe me something, but please post another piece soon. I’m longing to see where your next essay will take me.

  4. Am enjoying Augustown so much. Thank you.
    As a white English person the book is a true education.
    Having lived in Central South London and grown up listening to much of roots rock reggae most of my adult life, the speech seems so familiar.
    I will hunt for your poetry.

  5. Dear Kei,

    I have just read Augustown (a Christmas present only just got round to). Loved it; moving; beautiful.
    Since realised I have another novel of yours at home not yet read-‘The Same Earth’. Can’t wait to get back home and read it. In the meantime contemplating ordering more of your back catalogue NOW via Amazon- on holiday at the moment.

    Thank you!

    ( Have spent the afternoon on your website too). This is what I call ‘holiday’:)

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